Maui Arts League

Artwork by Altadena dela Cruz

Artwork by Altadena dela Cruz,
past Executive Director

Maui Arts League is a non-profit organization with the mission to showcase, cultivate, and build appreciation for Visual Fine Arts while creating unique opportunities for people of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds to embrace the experience of art.  Currently programs include the annual weeklong Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational and student workshop scholarships. The strategy is to foster an appreciation for fine art by offering programs (plein air (outdoor) painting events, home art tours, art lectures, etc.) for Maui residents and visitors.

The League consists of community members who volunteer their time.  Lois Reiswig is Maui Arts League’s current President. West Maui Cultural Council was the original organization’s name and changed to Maui Arts League in 2014. Past Presidents include Mary Helen Lindsey, Marian Freeman, Janet Allan, and Theo Morrison.


In 1975 a group of local Lahaina citizens concerned about preserving cultural activities organized a group to focus on forming a non-profit organization that would accomplish their goal to sponsor cultural activities in West Maui.  In 1978 they received their 501 (c)(3) tax clearance from the IRS, (Federal Tax Identification: 99-0181159).

Originally, the group leased property on Front Street from the State of Hawaii. It was a place for the community to gather for after-school programs, exercise, art, and ballet classes as well as luaus, and several visual arts and Hawaiian workshops. That building no longer serves as a central gathering location for the Maui Arts League’s types of activities.

Since 2006 Maui Arts League (formerly known as West Maui Cultural Council) has focused on developing an appreciation for documenting Maui’s people and the precious aina (land) via capturing images  via visual arts.  Each year they host the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational (MPAPI) which invites professional artists to participate and produce works of art that will live on to tell our story whether the art works are hung on walls here on Maui (in homes and businesses) or the Mainland U.S. or Canada.  Maui Arts League relies on donations and volunteer efforts to organize and host the event.

Maui Arts League also supports art workshops.  MALeague/MPAPI gives workshop art scholarships to foster youth art programs for high school students planning to enter into the field of professional fine art. Because of the success of the  Youth Paint Out (2nd through 12 grade students) last year, MPAPI plans to include this separate event during the Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational.

Short Term Goal:

Produce the most enjoyable and memorable art event on Maui that results in documenting our history, showcases our environment, and our people.

Long Term Goal:

Put Maui on the map as an art destination with a West Maui museum-quality facility.

If you would like to support Maui Arts League in our efforts to accomplish these goals, send a note to

Event Organizers

Event Co-Sponsors:
Ronaldo Macedo, Artist & Co-Founder Islanders
Lois Reiswig, President, Maui ARTS League

Contact us by email:
Katherine Smith, MPAPI Event Coordinator

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Maui Arts League is excited to offer two plein air painting workshops in conjunction with the February, 2018 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational. Both professional artists excel at ‘teaching.’  It is one thing to be a great artist, and yet another to be a superior instructor. Our workshop teachers are selected from the group of MPAPI professional ‘visiting artists’. Leon Holmes from Australia and Morgan Samuel Price from Florida will share their painting knowledge and techniques with  workshop attendees. You won’t want to miss out.

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