2018 Mini Paintings Arriving!!!

2018 Mini Paintings are arriving - 'Olive Oyl takes on Bluto Herself' by Randy Sexton

The MPAPI Mini Paintings Silent Auction will be held on Monday, February 19 at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina. This event is always a big success. The artists bring a painting from home. They are no larger than 8″x8″. It is intended that the image will convey a bit more about the artist and his/her home environment, their travels, and style of painting. Sales are consistently in the 90+% range with paintings selling near or above estimated value… so please plan to attend, browse, and select a painting to add to your art collection!

Viewing of the mini-paintings and bidding will take place from 6 to 7 pm with final bidding 8-8:15 pm. From 7-8 pm is a lecture by Jean Stern, Associate Director, UCI Museum and Institute for California Art. After the lecture, final bidding is 8-8:15 p.m.  Collectors asked us to reopen final bidding after the lecture.  Due to this change, be prepared that check-out time will be longer. If you purchase a painting at the Buy It Now price during the 6-7 pm time-frame, you may pay and take your painting at that time or pay early and leave the painting in the Snug Harbor Room with our team and pick up after the lecture. The Snug Harbor Room is closed during the lecture.  The Silent Auction is reopened at 8:00 pm for final bidding with the auction closing at 8:15 pm. This is your last opportunity to put your final bids for paintings you have interest in purchasing. Silent Auction closes promptly at 8:15 pm.  Come join us for an exciting evening.

Some of the images of the mini-paintings in the auction are shown below. We will be adding more as the artists send in images. Mini-paintings will be posted on Facebook as well.

Leon Holmes 'In the Rain Shadows' 6x8, painting

Leon Holmes ‘In the Rain Shadows’ 6×8

Debra Huse 'Monterey Harbor' 8x8 painting

Debra Huse ‘Monterey Harbor Charm’ 8×8

Randy Sexton 'Olive Oyl takes on Bluto Herself' (and holidays with Popeye on Maui) painting

Randy Sexton ‘Olive Oyl takes on Bluto Herself’ (and holidays with Popeye on Maui) 7.5×7.5

Snorkel Heaven by Greg Barnes 8x8 soft pastels painting

Greg Barnes ‘Snorkel Heaven’ 8×8, soft pastels

Greg LaRock 'Industrious' 6x6 oil

Greg LaRock ‘Industrious’ 6×6 oil

Lahaina Landmarks by Michael Clements 6x8 oil painting

Michael Clements ‘Lahaina Landmarks’ 6×8, oil

Morgan Samuel Price Maui Gold 8x8 oil painting

Morgan Samuel Price ‘Maui Gold’ 8×8, oil

The Red Trawler by Ray Hassard 6x8 pastel on paper painting

Ray Hassard ‘The Red Trawler, Gloucester’ 6 x 8
Pastel on Colourfix

Terry Miura Americans in Havana 8x8 oil on linen painting

Terry Miura ‘Americans in Havana’ 8×8, oil on linen

Scott Prior 'Circa 1965' 6x8 painting

Scott Prior ‘Circa 1965’ 6×8

Lori Putnam 'Trip the Light Fantastic' 5x7

Lori Putnam ‘Trip the Light Fantastic’ 5×7

Aaron Schuerr, 'Maui Wave', 8x8, pastel

Aaron Schuerr, ‘Maui Wave’, 8×8, pastel

Jim McVicker 'Hawks Hill' 7x5 oil

Jim McVicker ‘Hawks Hill’ 7×5 oil

Mary Pettis 'Sterling Bridge, Scotland' 8x8 oil

Mary Pettis ‘Sterling Bridge, Scotland’ 8×8 oil

Mike Carroll 'Tropical Tangerines' l 8x8 oil on linen

Mike Carroll ‘Tropical Tangerines’ l 8×8 oil on linen

Patrick Saunders 'A Splash of Red' 5x7 oil

Patrick Saunders ‘A Splash of Red’ 5×7 oil

Suzie Baker 'Rows of Rose' 6x8 oil

Suzie Baker ‘Rows of Rose’ 6×8 oil


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Maui Arts League is excited to offer two plein air painting workshops in conjunction with the February, 2018 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational. Both professional artists excel at ‘teaching.’  It is one thing to be a great artist, and yet another to be a superior instructor. Our workshop teachers are selected from the group of MPAPI professional ‘visiting artists’. Leon Holmes from Australia and Morgan Samuel Price from Florida will share their painting knowledge and techniques with  workshop attendees. You won’t want to miss out.

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