2016 Mini-Paintings – Images Arriving

2016 Mini-Paintings, 'Beach Bathing' by Hiu Lai Chong

The MPAPI Mini-Paintings Silent Auction will be held on Monday, February 15 at the Pioneer Inn in Lahaina. This event is always a big success.  The artists bring a painting from home. It is intended that the image will convey a bit more about the artist and his/her home environment or their travels. Sales are consistently in the 80+% range with paintings selling near or above estimated value. . . so please plan to attend, browse, and select a painting to add to your art collection.

Viewing of the mini-paintings and bidding will take place from 6 to 7 p.m., prior to the lecture by Jean Stern, Executive Director of the Irvine Museum. Final bidding for the mini-paintings is from 8-8:30 p.m. Come join us for an exciting evening.

Some images of mini-paintings to be auctioned are below.  We will be adding more as the artists send images. Mini-paintings will be posted on Facebook as well.

'Mini-Gala' 8x6 oil by Randall Sexton

‘Mini-Gala’ 8×6 oil by Randall Sexton

'Morning at Kayaks (Olowalu)' 8x8 by Macario Pascual

‘Morning at Kayaks (Olowalu)’ 8×8 by Macario Pascual

'Trolley Ride', 8x8, oil by Jim Wodark

‘Trolley Ride’, 8×8, oil by Jim Wodark

2016 Mini-Paintng 'Kahakuloa Gazebo' 6x8 oil, James McGrew

‘Kahakuloa Gazebo’ 6×8 oil, by James McGrew

'Sugar, Sugar' 6x8 oil by Mike Carroll

‘Sugar, Sugar’ 6×8 oil by Mike Carroll

'Beach Bathing' 8x8-oil by Hiu Lai Chong

‘Beach Bathing’ 8×8-oil by Hiu Lai Chong

'Maui Nani' 8x8 oil by Betty Hay Freeland

‘Maui Nani’ 8×8 oil by Betty Hay Freeland

Sunset Action 8x8 oil by Mark Fehlman

‘Sunset Action’ 8×8 oil by Mark Fehlman

'Path to Beach' 8x8 pastel by Clark Mitchell

‘Path to Beach’ 8×8 pastel by Clark Mitchell

'Spring Chickens' 8x8 oil by Mary Pettis

‘Spring Chickens’ 8×8 oil by Mary Pettis

'Evening Braids' 8x8 pastel by Aaron Schuerr

‘Evening Braids’ 8×8 pastel by Aaron Schuerr

Dave Santillanes, 'Winter on the San Miguel' study, 8x8, oil

‘Winter on the San Miguel’ (study) 8″ x 8″ oil by Dave Santillanes

Girl from Guizhou' 6"x8" oil by Mian Situ

‘Girl from Guizhou’ 6″x8″ oil by Mian Situ

'Out My Back Door' 6"x 8" oil by Lori Putnam

‘Out My Back Door’ 6″x 8″ oil by Lori Putnam

'Dana Head' 6"x 9" oil by Rick J. Delanty

‘Dana Head’ 6″x 9″ oil by Rick J. Delanty

'Illinois Bend' 8"x 8" oil by John Lasater IV

‘Illinois Bend’ 8″x 8″ oil by John Lasater IV

'Together' 8"x 8" oil by Jason Sacran

‘Together’ 8″x 8″ oil by Jason Sacran

'The Fisherman, China' 7"x 8" watercolor by Andy Evansen

‘The Fisherman, China’ 7″x 8″ watercolor by Andy Evansen


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