2017 Plein Air Workshop

Workshops are a key to improving one’s painting skills. In 2017, we are offering a great opportunity to learn from two experienced artists for the price of attending one plein air workshop. Jason Sacran and John P. Lasater IV are accomplished artists who offer a unique team-teaching approach in this workshop. Jason won the Best in Show in the 2016 Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational and John won the Artists’ Choice, Collectors’ Choice, and One Main Plaza Sponsor awards. These awards recognize and pay tribute to the quality and appeal of their paintings.


2016 MPAPI ‘Best in Show’ by Jason Sacran ‘Lahaina Dusk’ 20×24 oil

2016 MPAPI Irvine Museum Honorable Mention, Artists and Collectors Choice, One Main Plaza Awards. John Lasater IV 'Lahaina Glow'

2016 MPAPI Irvine Museum Honorable Mention, Artists’ and Collectors’ Choice, One Main Plaza Awards. John P. Lasater IV ‘Lahaina Glow’

Last year, they both decided to paint the image of Lahaina evening lights from the Lahaina Bypass. Both paintings captured the art enthusiast’s eye as you can see from the images above. If there could have been a ‘shared’ Best In Show, I think that Jean Stern, the Executive Director of the Irvine Museum, and the judge of the Invitational would have given them both the award.

This is a rare opportunity to attend a workshop with a richly packed course curriculum that will surely allow you to say, “I’m so happy that I attended Jason’s and John’s workshop because I now understand specific ways for me to improve the impact of my paintings.”

Read more about the workshop with Jason and John here.

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Ronaldo Macedo, Artist & Co-Founder Islanders
Lois Reiswig, President, Maui ARTS League

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Lois Reiswig, MPAPI Event Coordinator

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In 2017 the MPAPI workshop is taking a different approach. This 4-day workshop is a 'dual-teaching' workshop lead by Jason Sacran and John P Lasater, IV. Our workshop teachers are selected from the group of professional 'visiting artists'. Classes are usually comprised of local Maui artists, workshop teacher referrals, and those wishing to take a class from someone that focuses on specific painting techniques that are of interest to them.

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